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Important dates for the Lithuanian Bar Association

Historical Origins of the Lithuanian Bar Association

The bar system officially began functioning in independent Lithuania on 3 December 1918 after the Lithuanian government regained control of the courts from the representatives of the German occupation authorities.

The advocacy institute itself may be associated with three pillars of legal benchmarks, namely the Lithuanian Statutes dated 1529, 1566, 1588 consisting of three sets of legal documents and laws. It was developed in the 16th century and comprised the framework for the legal system of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania until 1840.




3 December 1918  The Lithuanian Government proceeded with taking over of the courts from the authorized representatives of the occupant German government, the system of courts and the bar started to actually function.

4 April 1919  Petras Leonas, the Minister of Justice signed the circular letter No. 5 To District Courts, Justice of the Peace, Court Interrogators, State Defenders and Notaries which extended the validity of the procedures regulating the activities of the bar as were established by the Czar Russia.

5 December 1920  The Council of Sworn Advocates was elected.

16 May 1923  Due to the high load imposed upon courts the sworn advocates were called up by the law to practice judicial work (the law was valid till 1 January 1927).

13 March 1927  The Council of Sworn Advocates adopted a decision to establish legal consultations free of charge for indigent people at regional courts.

1933  The Law of Judicial System came into force and had a deep influence on the organizational activities of the bar.

8 September 1944  The Order No. 7 of the People's Commissioner of Justice of SSRL established the advocates A. Jokūbėnas, K. Šalkauskas and K. Poškus to be included as the members of the SSRL board and assigned as the members of the organizational bureau.

16 September 1992  The first Law on the Bar of independent Republic of Lithuania was adopted.

20 September 1992  The Lithuanian Bar Association became the member of the International Bar Association (IBA).

25 June 1998  The new Law on the Bar was adopted.

21 May 1999  The Code of Professional Conduct for Advocates was adopted at the conference of advocates.

26 March 2004  The conference of advocates of the Republic of Lithuania approved the Code of Conduct for Lawyers in the European Union.

1 May 2004  The Republic of Lithuania Became the EU member and the Lithuanian Bar Association acquired the status of the full member of CCBE.


4 July 2013 Following the example of the majority of the European Bars, the Council of the Bar has decided to establish the regalia of the Chairman of the Council of the Lithuanian Bar.


15 October 2013 The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania has included the 3rd of December in the list of memorable days as the Day of the Lithuanian Bar. The Law came into force on 7 November 2013.


17 October 2013 The Council of the Bar has adopted a decision approving the Regulations on the Badges of Honour of the Lithuanian Bar.


6 November 2013 The first book of the history of the Lithuanian Bar was published. The book was published on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the Lithuanian Bar, the author of the book is Jonas Nekrašius; encyclopaedic dictionary Lithuanian Bar: Lawyers of Šiauliai (17th century – early 21st century) (Lietuvos advokatūra: Šiaulių advokatai (XVII – XXI a. pr.) published by the legal literature publishing house Justitia.


6 December 2014 The book “The Advocate and the State” (Advokatas ir valstybė) was published to commemorate the lawyers-signatories who were active in restoration of independence of the Republic of Lithuania in 1990.


3 December 2015 Vilnius hosted the first march of advocates in the country. To celebrate the Day of the Lithuanian Bar Association, advocates of the country, dressed in their gowns, joined the worldwide tradition and took part in the “Flame of Justice” march. Around 300 advocates and their assistants marched down Gediminas Avenue in Vilnius, Lithuania.


15 April 2016 The new Code of Ethics for Advocates was adopted at the General Meeting of Advocates.


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