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Šiandien pirmą kartą mūsų regione vyksta CCBE komiteto sesija


Šiandien, kovo 23 d., pirmą kartą šiame regione vyksta Europos advokatūrų ir teisininkų draugijų tarybos (CCBE) komiteto sesija, į kurią susirinko iškiliausi Europos teisininkai.


Pridedame Advokatų tarybos pirmininko prof. dr. Igno Vėgėlės sesijos atidarymo kalbą:


Dear CCBE president, vice president, secretary, committee chairs and members – thank you for coming to Lithuania and holding the committee session in Vilnius. Yesterday in between the meetings you were able to participate in the conference on the legal professional privilege in the modern society.


Such conferences as we have had yesterday and CCBE Standing Committee in Vilnius today are necessary for understanding what kind of tendencies prevail in the world these days. And some tendencies are worrying.


The worrying tendencies of political shift from collaboration to threats of a type of old new Cold War. Mr. Donald Trump is threatening with his red button, Mr. Kim Jong-Un answers with his, Mr. Putin does not stop demonstrating its growing military power, China does not keep silent too, not to mention the rest of the unrest world. We enter the age of threats and militarization. One may wonder if prophets were not mistaken in naming the XXI century as a century of a peace.



We face the new tendencies of society change where anonymous power through social media becomes a true conviction and outlaws the decision of the court. And our judiciary is too slow, too complicated to respond and to be listened. Social media has already changed the world so dramatically that it effects the political agenda. Journalists are catching up: we are so used to shocking headlines that we became insensitive. For this reason, media crosses the line of their ethics more and more to trigger our emotions.


In this changed world of tweets and posts there is less and less space for privacy. People sacrifice privacy in exchange of narcissistic self-appreciation. And these people will hardly understand lawyers defending privacy. Add up the arguments that are used so widely by the governments of the world: the need for security and the need for fighting tax evasion and any law, even the most scarifying, may become a reality. And one more challenge – the artificial intelligence. All this together and we may find ourselves in surrealistic Gorges Orwell’s world of 1984.


But there is a hope. And a very realistic one. Intelligent people. And us - lawyers. And our think-tank of European lawyers – the CCBE. We know our duty – to interrupt between the court and society. That is the reason why people believe in justice.

All the best in your workings in Vilnius CCBE Standing committee European think-tank leaders!

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